This year’s Movies that Matter Festival features three exhibitions. Two of them can be seen in the Atrium of The Hague City Hall, and the third one will be staged in Filmhuis Den Haag and the Dutch National Archives.


Refugee Republic

Worldwide, refugees spend on average seventeen years in some form of shelter. We have all seen images of refugees waiting for help in appalling circumstances, but that footage only partly reveals reality.
Together with Submarine Channel, the Movies that Matter Festival presents Refugee Republic, a multimedia project that gives an inside view into the world of relief organisations, a world that only few have witnessed first hand.

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The Green House

Documentary photographer Liny Mutsaers visited Syrian refugees in Jordania on several occasions over the past few years. She has been fascinated by their faces and stories ever since her first trip in 2012. What lingers on from these encounters is the feeling that the refugees feel utterly abandoned. By making family portraits the photographer seeks to raise awareness about the plight of Syrian refugees.

The Green House zooms in on one of these Syrian families on the run. Confined within the walls of their new dwelling in Mafraq, Jordania, the family looks for safety and security.

The exhibitions can be seen in the Atrium of The Hague City Hall from 1 to 30 March.

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The Dutch National Archives contain the largest collection of photographic images in the Netherlands, with some 15 million photos from the past 170 years. The exhibition ‘Blikvangers’ reveals part of this remarkable collection for the first time. More than 450 vintage pictures show the Netherlands and the world through the eyes of well-known and less well-known photographers who immortalized expeditions and distant journeys, but also conflicts and disasters.

As part of the Movies that Matter Festival, Blikvangers at the Spui, a special selection of photos that link up with wide-ranging festival topics, can be seen in Studio A of Filmhuis Den Haag and at the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague  from 1 to 31 March 2015.

The exhibition Blikvangers in the Dutch National Archives in The Hague, will be open for public until 12 July.

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