The Dubbeez

The Dubbeez

DJ Marcel Barlag

Marcel Barlag, aka Father Barlag, is a glasses salesman and also a DJ. With his Disco Bicycle Drive Inn show he knows how to get the party started. From his bicycle he spins obscure records and creates a cosy ambience to get your groove on until the early hours. DJ Marcel will perform during the opening night on Friday March 18th from 19.00-20.00 hrs and from 21.00-22.30 hrs.

D.J. Miel

D.J. Miel spins records from ‘daddy’s record collection’: music his mother did not approve of. She liked to listen to classical tunes, but at the lowest volume possible. He plays soul and funk from the ‘70s, with influences of jazz and African percussion.

D.J. Miel will play his records during the festival week before and after the Daily Matters Talk Shows.

D.J. Tommi

Cookin' up en mixin' tunes from around the globe, tailor-made selections for all occasions: from intimate hang-outs 'till the big festival crowds such as Lowlands festival. 

D.J. Tommi will perform during the A Matter of ACT Night on Saturday March 19th at 22.00 hrs at the foyer.


Afghani children know her songs by heart.  Sonita Alizadeh screams out against an ancient Afghan tradition in which young girls are sold as a piece of cattle for a couple of thousand dollars. Since ‘Brides for Sale’ (2014), Sonita is a star in Afghanistan. The great success of the documentary Sonita(2015) by Iranian filmmaker Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami, adds to the worldwide interest in Sonita’s activist message, being: ‘Girls are no cattle’. Read more about Sonita Alizadeh. 

Sonita will perform on Saturday March 19th in the foyer during the Talk Show REFUGEES, THE RECAP at 17.00 hrs; on Sunday March 20th at 23.00 hrs the foyer after the screening of her film and on Monday March 21st at 21.30 hrs during the Talk Show GENDER & GAY EQUALITY.


The band Ragmob from The Hague brings Honky Tonk, Hillbilly and Western Swing music to life. In 2008 the band was formed. The musicians found each other in their love for the sounds of the '30's and ’40's: tunes that make everyone happy, but with a melancholic beat to it. Ragmob plays music from their biggest heroes Bob Wills and Hank Williams, but also songs by Johnny Cash. For years now, Ragmob has been performing on festivals, parties and in bars.

Ragmob will perform during the Talk Show WAR & PEACE at Wednesday March 23rd at 21.30 hrs and after the Award Ceremony at 22.30 hrs, both at the foyer.


De Flageolettes are Femke on guitar/ accordion, Marlon on contrabass and Lielian on drums/ percussion. They all sing straight from the heart. The Flageolettes play music from the past and the present, from tango to jazz, from The Netherlands to South-America and from Russia back to Holland. They bring pop music of all ages, mambo, swing, klezmer, Balkan, Rock & Roll, reggae and a lot more.

The Flageolettes will perform on Thursday March 24th during the Camera Justitia Night from 18.30-20.00 hrs and during the Talk Show FREEDOM OF PRESS from 21.30-21.35 hrs and from 22.00-23.00 hrs.

D.J. Joost

Joost Starborough is the regular D.J. of Theater aan het Spui and plays an eclectic mix of hip hop, house, R&B, disco and electronic. Joost will play on Friday March 25th from 22.30-01.00 hrs.

DJ Bobby Boogaloo

Afro-latin-funk grooves to make you move your feet. Flying between New York and Rio, sailing from Havana to Kingston and hitchhiking from Kinshasa to London. Borderless music to make you dance!

D.J. Bobby Boogaloo will perform during the closing party on Saturday March 26th from 22.00-23.00 hrs and from 0.00-01.30 hrs. at the foyer.

The Dubbeez

The Dubbeez, a young club reggae collective from Amsterdam, prove that good reggae is timeless. This septet is convincingly rebooting classic roots reggae and club reggae to the year 2016. The band stept in the spotlights by winning the Battle of the Bands during the Uitmarkt in Amsterdam. With the tight rhythm machine formed by Earl on drums and Olivia on bass, the Dubbeez lay a solid foundation for their own, shimmering compositions. Reggae songs with a vintage feel, which takes the best of classic reggae and translates it to here and now. They triumphantly show that reggae can have universal potential.

The Dubbeez will perform during the closing party on Saturday March 26th from 23.00-00.00 hrs at the foyer. The smashing closing party is FREE to anyone who has a ticket to one of this year's festival films (regardless of date or time).