Amnesty Selection

Besides the films from the A Matter of ACT competition, this year the festival presents the Amnesty Selection featuring five documentaries about matters that are important for Amnesty. The selection presents: Alisa in Warland, The Chines Mayor,  The Hard Stop, This is Exile: Diaries of Child Refugees and Vergeet Mij Niet. During the festival, one of these films are shown on every working day.

Vfonds selection

New this year is the Vfonds Selection. On Wednesday March 23rd five impressive films about war, peace and freedom will be screened. The selection presents: 15 minutes - The Dvor Massacre, Alisa in Warland, The Black Flag, The Diplomat and Motley’s Law.

Midnight Section

This year the festival presents the new Midnight Section for the nightwatchers, featuring three fiction films that all play with forms of narrative and the representation of the actuality, in their own ways. The bizarre, surreal roadtrip Atomic Heart, the futuristic White Out, Black In, and the kafkaesque White People will be screened after 9PM.

Shorts that Matter

Also new this year are two compilation programmes of short films in cooperation with other filmfestivals. In Shorts that Matter we present a programme full of special short films, of which two documentaries were nominated for an Oscar, composed in cooperation with the Go Short Filmfestival in Nijmegen. In Karama Shorts you can go see a compilation programme of the Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Jordan.

IDFA selection

Each year Movies that Matter presents a programme featuring a few human rights documentaries on the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam. At the Movies that Matter Festival IDFA also shows a selection of the most talked about documentaries. This year in the IDFA selection: 3 1/2 minutes Ten Bullets, Alisa in Warland, The Chinese Mayor, Guantanamo's Child: Omar Khadr, I Am Sun Mu, Kingdom of Shadows, Motley’s Law, Nice People, Roshmia, A Sinner in Mecca, Sonita en This Is Exile: Diaries of Child Refugees


Harvest: the best human rights films of last year shown on the big screen once more. On our website the audience voted for their favorites of 2015:  A Perfect Day, Dheepan, Mustang, Selma en Those who Feel the Fire Burning.

In this World

The panorama programme of the Movies that Matter Festival is named after Michael Winterbottom’s Golden Bear-winning docudrama about two young Afghan refugees who set out on a journey, under inhumane conditions, from Pakistan to London. In This World is a prime example of recent human rights cinema. The panorama includes feature films and documentaries that have been distinguished elsewhere in the world, enchanting debuts and author movies, world cinema and much more.

Closing film: Tomorrow

On Saturday March 26th, we close the festival in a festive manner with the positive feelgood film Tomorrow. In spite of, of maybe because of, the disturbing new that human kind is on its way to destroy itself and the planet, everywhere small intitiatives around sustainability, alternative fuels and locale food production are set up. The France filmstar Melanie Laurent travels around the world with a group of friends to picture these initiatives.

Students' Choice

Students also have their own programme at the festival. A jury of students of the Haagse Hogeschool nominated three films that you can see for free when showing your studentcard or CJP-pass: 3 1/2 Minutes 10 Bullets, Nice People and The Chosen Ones.