Judge Julia Sebutinde

Camera Justitia Masterclass

On Thursday 30 March at 16h, Judge Julia Sebutinde delivers the annual Camera Justitia Masterclass. She will reflect on a selection of film fragments from the festival’s Camera Justitia programme. Sebutinde currently works at the International Court of Justice and previously served as a Judge at the Special Court of Sierra Leone and the High Court of Uganda. She will talk about law and justice in Uganda, her experiences as an international Judge, and the role of law in the global search for peace and justice. The masterclass is moderated by Heikelina Verrijn Stuart, philosopher of law and independent academic publicist on international legal matters.

Entrance is free of charge. Please register via camerajustitia@moviesthatmatter.nl.  

The programme is made possible by vfonds.

Masterclass: Pushing Back Putinism

Russian Human Rights- expert Anna Neistat (Senior Director of Research at Amnesty International) will be giving the Masterclass PUSHING BACK PUTINISM on Tuesday March 28 from 14.15 - 16.30 after the screening of City 40.

Anna Neistat is Senior Director of Research at Amnesty International. She grew up and began her career in human rights in Russia. Russia and many countries are now trying to backtrack from their international human rights obligations, thus putting those rights at risk. Drawing on Russia as an example, Dr. Neistat will offer a broader perspective on the global trend of shrinking space for civil society and outline possibilities to counter this process.

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