Students' Choice Award

Students Choice Selection 2017

Students have their have their own competition at the Movies that Matter Festival: Students' Choice.

15 students have watched and judged 8 human rights films. Four of these made it to the Students' Choice selection and were screened for free at the Movies that Matter Festival for all students.

The Students' Choice Jury watched the following films: 
The Borneo Case, The Citizen, Forever Pure, The Girl who Saved my Life, The Islands and the Whales, Tamara,Tickling Giants en The Verdict.

Students Choice Films 2017

The Citizen

Roland Vranik, Hungary, 2016, 110 min, fiction

Touching movie about African refugee Wilson (60), who lives in Hungary and would like to be a Hungarian citizen. He falls in love with his teacher Mari and she returns his affections. But their relationship is complicated by Shririn, an illegal Iranian refugee who has moved in with Wilson and lives in hiding.

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Elia Schneider, Venezuela, 2016, 110 min, fiction

Teo feels like a woman trapped in a man's body. In Paris he can show his flamboyant side, but back in his native Venezuela he complies with the prevailing social norms. He starts a family and begins wearing men's clothes. After a while, though, Teo can no longer hide from himself and starts the transformation to become who he should have been. Based on the life of Tamara Adrian, Venezuela's first transgender elected to political office.

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Tickling Giants

Sara Taksler, USA, 2016, 115 min, documentary

A comical documentary about the 'Egyptian Jon Stewart', Bassem Youssef. During the Arab Spring, he trades in his career as a doctor for a life as a talk show host. Soon he has his own late night show on Egyptian television. Youssef's fortunes and misfortunes appear to be very dependent on the quirks of the leaders of the land. This makes Tickling Giants perhaps the funniest history lesson on turbulent modern Egypt.

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The Verdict

Lars Kraume, Germany, 2016, 90 min, interactive fiction

In this thrilling courtroom drama it is the audience that decides on the film's outcome by passing judgement on a classic horrible dilemma. Is the jet fighter pilot who shot down a hijacked aircraft responsible for the death of its 163 passengers? Or should he receive a medal of honour for saving 70,000 people in a football stadium, the intended target of the hijackers?

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Students' Choice 2017 jury members:

Maria Ahmed, Elina Bracina, Ana-Maria Gatejel, Raphaël Héliot, Angelina Ignatjeva, Caio Junqueira de Brito, Setareh Kahkeshan, Benno Lambooij, Khatra Nur, Zuzanna Ostromecka, João Pires, Marina Salamakha, Lina Schmid, Tim Verheij, Lysaifeni Wout