Talkshows MTMF 2017

Talkshows MTMF 2017

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The Green Fight

Warm winters, melting arctic ice, floods and drought. Climate change is all around us. From the Inuit at the North Pole to farmers in Ghana: all around the world people feel the consequences of global warming. For developing countries, global warming is a huge problem.  

During the Talk show The Green Fight, presenter Isolde Hallensleben speaks to Muntang Urud (The Borneo Case) and Joris Thijssen (director of Green Peace) about the effects of climate change. What can we do to stop global warming?

Sunday the 26th of March at 15.30 o'clock at the VARA stage.
Films: The Borneo Case, The Islands and the Whales, Half-life in Fukushima

Grand March

Freedom! Dance! Expression! Mother of the House of Vineyard & Movies that Matter welcome you for a GRAND MARCH by the Dutch ballroom scene at the Movies that Matter Festival.

The Dutch Ballroom scene is a young and fast growing community that comes together to compete at LGBTQ Balls. Members of the Dutch Ballroom Scene will perform a Grand March with all the houses of the LGBTQ Ballroom and Kiki scene. Usually Grand March serves as an introduction of one house and its members and the categories they walk. Tonight Grand March will serve as the introduction to the whole of Dutch Ballroom Scene and its members.

The Grand March will be hosted by Mother of the House of Vineyard and moderated by Eurasian Mother Marina Ultra Omni.

Monday the 27th of March at 20.30 o'clock at the VARA stage.  
Films: Kiki, Tamara

Dutch perspectives

Three Dutch directors made films about the war in Syria and refugees. Each of them focus on one of the three phases in the refugee process: the war in Syria; the time people spend in a refugee camp and finally applying for asylum in The Netherlands.

Presenter Bahram Sadeghi will talk with the film makers about the making of their films and the political context using clips from the films. With: Reber Dosky (Radio Kobani), Catherine van Campen (Zaatari Djin) and Jiska Rickels (In Procedure).

Please note that this talkshow is in Dutch.

Thursday the 30th of March at 20.30 o'clock at the VARA stage.
Films: Radio Kobani en Zaatari Djinn.

Black/ White

In the documentary Ik alleen in de klas we follow a group of Dutch youngsters of color, who all share a certain feeling of exclusion from society. In the talk show BLACK/WHITE we will talk about the subtle and less subtle ways of racism.

Two kids from the film, Crystal Haaswijk and Sierano Blankendal, speak about the film and the experiences they share. Gideon Everduim (rapper Gikkels) and politician Sylvana Simons speak about the mechanisms of exclusion in Dutch society.

Please note that this talkshow is in Dutch.

Friday the 31th of March at 20.30 o'clock at the VARA stage.
Films: Ik alleen in de klas


How do governments use internet and data to investigate citizens? And how does the digital era alter our idea of citizenship and freedom of speech?

In the talk show DigiDemocracy Dutch presenter Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal speaks to Ron Deibert, writer of the book Black Code. The film makers based the documentary Black Code on this book. Journalist for the Volkskrant, Huib Modderkolk and Ronald Prins, director and co-founder of Fox-IT join in the conversation.

Tuesday the 28th of March at 20.15 o'clock at the VARA stage.
Films: Black Code, Karl Marx City en Zero Days

Status unknown

What happens to a person when he or she has to live months, sometimes yeas in a asylum center? And what happens when your status is finally granted? Or when it’s declined?

Director Emil Langballe (The Wait), director Jiska Rickels (In Procedure) and the 15-year old refugee Yomna (from In Procedure), speak to Bahram Sadeghi about these questions. Theatre maker Marjolijn van Heemstra and Zohre Norouzi speak about ‘Operation Zohre’ and the naturalization process in The Netherlands.

Wednesday the 29th of March at 20.30 o'clock at the VARA stage.
Films:The Other Side of Hope, The Citizen en The Wait.