Pink Satis - Q&A with Kim Longinotto

Pink Saris
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When & where?

zaterdag 26 maart 2011 - 13:30

Filmmaker Sabine Lubbe Bakker interviews filmmaker Kim Longinotto.


British filmmaker Kim Longinotto (London, 1952) strongly feels it is her duty to denounce injustice, treating controversial topics with sensitivity and empathy. Her films show ordinary women engaged in extraordinary efforts to put an end to sex stereotyping.


Sabine Lubbe Bakker (1978, Belgium) made her first film, about the Chinese illegal betting scene in Amsterdam, when she was a student. Her passion for the Middle East drove her to Damascus to write a thesis about rebellious student movements in Syria. There, she made a short film about the relationship between the conservative religious TV stations and the more progressive music broadcasting networks. Once returned to Europe, she worked for BNR News Radio in Amsterdam. She is currently working as a freelance documentary filmmaker, and made her first long documentary, Shout, in 2010.