Cameroon - Q&A with Alice Nkom

Cameroon: Coming Out of the Nkuta
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dinsdag 29 maart 2011 - 19:30

Q&A with human rights lawyer Alice Nkom and director Céline Metzger, led by Ricardo Lemmer, honorary citizen of The Hague who connects people from various ethnic backgrounds living in that city.

Homosexuals in Cameroon are living in the lion's den. The report 'Criminalizing Identities', co-published by four human rights organisations, shows that people in Cameroon come under attack from the government, the media and even their own community if they are suspected of engaging in homosexual relationships.

Passionate and purposeful, Alice Nkom fights for gay rights in Cameroon, as shown in Coming out of the Nkuta. After studying law in Toulouse, France, she went on to complete her legal studies at the Federal University of Cameroon. She currently has her own law firm and is the founder of the Cameroonian Association for the Defence of Homosexuality (ADEFHO).