Camp Victory, Afghanistan - Debate with Carol Dysinger

Camp Victory, Afghanistan
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vrijdag 25 maart 2011 - 19:00

After a heated debate, in January this year, the Dutch government approved of a civil training mission to the Kunduz district, Afghanistan. In the documentary an American military training mission is followed. After the screening a panel discussion takes place on the effect of such training missions in Afghanistan with documentary maker Carol Dysinger, International Crisis Group analyst Candace Rondeaux, journalist Antoinette de Jong, and Willem van de Put. Moderator is Lars van Troost (Amnesty International).

Carol Dysinger has produced numerous films and documentaries over the last 25 years, including Emmy Award-nominated Deadline, about George Ryan, former governor of Illinois, who decided on the fate of prisoners on death row. Dysinger, a graduate from New York University, also made her name as a scriptwriter for renowned clients, including Disney and HBO.

Candace Rondeaux is Senior Analyst for Afghanistan at International Crisis Group and author of the report ‘A Force in Fragments', that sheds light on ethnic rivalry within the Afghan army, including the attitude of the Dutch army. The research of this prominent think tank revealed that Dutch army commanders are unaware of the dangers represented by ‘ethnic rivalry'.


Antoinette de Jong is a journalist who travels already for fifteen years in the region Afghanistan/Pakistan.  


Willem van de Put is General Director of the international aid agency HealthNet TPO. He visited Afghanistan on numerous occasions, including Uruzgan. HealthNet has 3,000 staff members spread over fifteen provinces, making it the largest humanitarian aid agency working on the ground in Afghanistan.

Lars van Troost is head of External Relations at Amnesty International, and his task is to inform the media and the general public. He is an expert for matters concerning the International Criminal Court at Amnesty Nederland.