Unjust - Debate

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When & where?

zondag 27 maart 2011 - 15:30

Debate with activist Suciwati Munir, director Josefina Bergsten, human rights specialist Martha Meijer, and filmmaker Josefina Bergsten. Led by Harm Ede Botje, journalist of Vrij Nederland.


Suciwati Munir is acclaimed by TIME Magazine as an "Asian hero", known in Indonesia for her unceasing fight for justice for her husband Munir Said Thalib, Indonesia's best-known human rights activist, who died of arsenic poisoning on a flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam. Suciwati (42) has been trying for nearly seven years to get the former head of the Indonesian secret service locked up for the assassination of her husband. Suciwati derives her unflagging energy from love. "Love for my husband, my children and my friends, love for the people who fight for justice, and love for my homeland."


Human rights specialist Martha Meijer is former director of Aim for Human Rights.