Presentation Henk Wilschut

Voertaal: Dutch

When & where?

vrijdag 25 maart 2011 - 14:00

Photographer Henk Wilschut exhibits his project Shelter in the Atrium. He will give a presentation about his work in the foyer of Theater aan het Spui. After the exposition he will give a tour in the Atrium.


In the vicinity of the port of Calais, there is a site a few hundred square metres in size known as the ‘jungle'. The residents of this site (for lack of a better term, we call them ‘refugees', ‘asylum-seekers', ‘illegals', ‘immigrants') have travelled long distances to get here, but their journeys are not over yet.

Dutch photographer Henk Wildschut took the appearance of these basic necessities and made this the leitmotif for the documentary photography project he embarked upon in late 2005, and for which he made many trips to Calais, southern Spain, Dunkerk, Malta, Patras and Rome.


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