5 Broken Cameras – Q&A with Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi

5 Broken Cameras
Voertaal: Engels

When & where?

vrijdag 23 maart 2012 - 22:00

Chris Keulemans interviews directors Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi


Chris Keulemans is a writer and journalist. He published six books, including the four-fold multimedia publication De Amerikaan die ik nooit geweest ben (The American I Never Was), which consisted of a novel, a website, a DVD and a radio documentary.
In 1984, he opened a bookshop and literary venue in Amsterdam called Perdu. He worked as a programme officer for De Balie, also in Amsterdam, and was its managing director from 1995-1999. He also worked on behalf of the Rushdie committee and Press Now, which supports independent media in the Balkans. In the next year, he will be opening the Tolhuistuin, a centre for arts and cultural activities in Amsterdam North which will include a café and restaurant.