Putin’s Kiss – Q&A met Ilya Yashin

Putin's Kiss
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vrijdag 23 maart 2012 - 17:00

Q&A with Ilya Yashin, one of the leaders of the Russian oppositian party, led by Bert Lanting (De Volkskrant). Yashin is also featured in Putin's Kiss.


Ilya Yashin is one of the leaders of Russian democratic opposition movement "Solidarity." One of the bright consequent critics of the Putin regime in Russian authorities. Since 2000 - an activist and leader of the youth wing of the party "Yabloko", in 2005-2006, one of the founders and coordinators of the movement "Defence" (Oborona). After participating in the protests of the Belarusian opposition in Minskin 2005, he was arrested by Belorussian police and spent two weeks in jail with the other opposition activists. Lukoshenko declared him "persona non grata" in Belarus.


Bert Lanting is Head of the Foreign Desk at De Volkskrant newspaper