Sinners Disease - Debate

Sinners' Disease
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When & where?

zondag 25 maart 2012 - 15:30

Following the film, there will be a debate with activist Sergey Golovin, director Jan Jaap Kuiper, Anke van Dam and producer Katja Sokolova and others, chaired by Simone Weimans. The debate will cover such topics as what effect is achieved by the activities of the ‘Patients in Control’ movement that Sergey Golovon belongs to; the policy of withholding medicines for HIV-positive people in Russia; the cause of the high percentage of HIV-positive people in the Russian population; the Russian government policy regarding the disease, and the negative public image of HIV/AIDS in Russia.


Unfortunately, the activist depicted in the film, Sasha Volgina, will not be able to come to the Netherlands for the Movies that Matter Festival for health reasons. Activist Sergey Golovin will be coming to the Netherlands in her place. Like Sasha, he is involved in the Russian HIV/AIDS interest group, ‘Patients in Control’. Sergey and Sasha know each other well, and Sergey will also be able to answer questions about the film.


Director Jan Jaap Kuiper not only directs films, but sometimes also shoots and edits his films. He graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2008. He won the VPRO documentary award for his graduation film project entitled Pyotr – Letters from the Gulag. He is married to producer Katja Sokolova.


Katja Sokolova is a producer working on films and TV documentaries. Originally from Russia, she now lives and works in the Netherlands. She is married to director Jan Jaap Kuiper.