My Neighbor, My Killer - Debate Truth and Reconciliation

My Neighbor, My Killer
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zondag 28 maart 2010 - 15:30

The Dutch premiere of My Neighbour, My Killer by Anne Aghion will be followed by a debate on the role that truth plays in the process of forgiveness and reconciliation.


Director Anne Aghion, George Weiss from Radio La Benevolencija and philosopher and jurist Heikelien Verrijn Stuart discuss the role of truth in the reconciliation process and how traditional justice, the ‘gacaca trials' and the media have contributed to mitigate tensions in the Rwandan society.

Moderator is Kim Brice.


George Weiss

George Weiss founded Radio La Benevolencija Humanitarian Tools Foundation in 2002. As a result of his work for La Benevolencija Sarajevo in the early 1990s, he was inspired to set up media projects that would teach people to resist manipulation to violence, and to promote a solidarity pact between victims of hate violence. The project has gained international acclaim for its unique combination of applied psychology with education-entertainment techniques.

In addition to running Radio Benevolencija, Weiss is also head of Metropolitan Pictures, a documentary production company based in Amsterdam. In the 1980s, he produced three feature films and was responsible for the worldwide distribution of blockbuster films such as Dances with Wolves, Henry V, and Driving Miss Daisy. Since then, he has produced more than 20 international documentaries. Originally from Austria, Weiss holds a BA in Communications and Media from the State of New York.


Heikelien Verrijn Stuart

As a judicial reporter and commentator for several media both in and outside the Netherlands, Heikelien Verrijn Stuart (Den Haag, 1950) keeps close track of the workings of the Yugoslavia Tribunal and the International Criminal Court. She is a correspondent for International Justice Tribune and publishes on criminal law and international humanitarian law, as well as on themes such as forgiveness and vengeance, over the positions of victims in the law, on identity and responsibility. For her work as a judicial reporter, she received the Press prize Jacques van Veen. Verrijn Stuart is a member of the Advisory Council on International Matters and is vice-chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights of this Council. As a jury member, she is involved in awarding the annual Human Rights Prize of the Research School on Human Rights and of the Spinozalens. Since 2007, Heikelien Verrijn Stuart is a board member of the Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei and since 2009 she is a board member of the Movies that Matter Foundation.