Talkshow Russian Spring in The Hague

5 Minutes of Freedom
Voertaal: English

When & where?

zondag 24 maart 2013 - 20:30


The latest elections were preceded by the largests protests in Russia since the 90s. Since then, a series of laws and regulations were introduced that further reduce freedom of expression.

What freedom do artists, journalists and film festival organisers have to deal with this new situation? Does censorship automatically limit creativity? And does Putin provide the stability the country needs?


Guests are:

  • Victor Erofeyev, dissident, writer and tv host, who sees himself as the 'freest man in the world's funniest country', protagonist of Russian Libertine
  • Larisa Malyukova, journalist of Novaya Gazeta and initiator of the film Winter, Go Away!
  • Manny de Guerre, director LGBT Film Festival Side By Side who despite threatenings and violence continued to screen films on LGBT issues all over Russia
  • Eduard Nazarski, director Amnesty International Netherlands


Presentation by former NOS-correspondent Moscow, Kysia Hekster


Afterwards live music from multi-instrumentalist OMFO, Our Man From Odessa


Free entrance


In 2013 the Netherlands and Russia will host numerous activities to celebrate the friendship between both countries. As part of this the exchange programme between Movies that Matter and the Stalker International Human Rights Film Festival in Moscow provides for the screening of three documentaries selected by Stalker. On Sundaynight, a special event devoted to Russia will take place, with films, a talk show and music.


Larisa Malyukova took the initiative for the film Winter, Go Away!. She is a film critic, script-writer, and publicist. She works as a columnist of the Russian daily "Novaya Gazette". She is a member of FIPRESCI and ASIFA, an expert of the Russian Ministry of Culture, a regular contributor to Russian newspapers and magazines: "Iskusstvo Kino"/Cinema Art, The Soviet film", "Izvestia"/News, "Kultura"/Culture, etc.. In 1980, she graduated from the State Academy of Theatre Arts. In 1985, she became a Master in Philosophy with a thesis on interaction of arts: theatre and cinema. She won numerous awards for professional achievements. Her filmopgraphy includes Frida versus Frida, Diego Rivera in the Land of Bolsheviks, Look at the  Sky!, Pushkin square, If not for Kolya Shatrov…, and German and Carmalita.


Victor Erofeyev -A son of a diplomat, Erofeyev was expelled from the writers’ union in 1979, when he established the Metropol literary almanac without submitting it to Soviet censorship. Until 1988, he was banned from publishing. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Erofeyev achieved his breakthrough with The Russian Beauty and published in The New Yorker and The New York Review of Books. Last year, he published his latest novel Akimudy. 


Manny de Guerre is the founder of Side by Side and has been involved in the festival from the beginning since June, 2007. She is responsible for overseeing the development of the festival, managing and implementing strategies, fundraising and identifying and establishing partner relations. Additional responsibilities include the film programming for the festivals as well as special events which take place throughout the year. She holds a degree in Cultural Studies, a Master’s degree in Russian Studies and has carried out extensive research in Russia concerning the importance of the arts and culture in terms of its social, political and psychological significance.