Forbidden Voices - A Matter of ACT Night

Forbidden Voices
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zaterdag 23 maart 2013 - 20:00

Festive A Matter of ACT Night with the screening of the film Forbidden Voices. During this evening the stage is for the human rights activists of the A Matter of ACT programme. Simone Weimans will be presenting the evening.


The activists this year are: Robi Damelin, Shin Dong-huyk, Victor Erofeyev, Aminetou Haidar, Sergio Haro, Frank Mugisha, Yoani Sanchez, Zhou Shuguang (Zola), Tep Vanny and Salma. You can read portrets of all A Matter of ACT activists here


Robi Damelin - ‘This for me is one of the most difficult letters I will ever have to write. My name is Robi. I am the mother of David who was killed by your son…’ With these moving words starts the letter which Israeli Robi Damelin, from  One Day After Peace, sent to the Palestinian parents of the sniper who killed her son David. Damelin refuses to be the victim. Read more about Robi Damelin.


NOS anchor Simone Weimans started her career as a twelve year-old junior reporter with a Rotterdam-dialect in VARA's children's radioprogramme 'De Schuurpapier'. After her education and work for the World Broadcasting Services she returned to VARA radio in 1998. In the following years she acted as editor/reporter for programmes such as 'De Karavaan', 'Binnenlandse Kwesties' and 'Halte 747'. Also, she presented 'Punch' and 'De Ochtenden'. Currently Simone is mostly known as anchorwoman for NOS News.