Mugabe and the White African - Panel discussion

Mugabe and the White African
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dinsdag 30 maart 2010 - 19:00

After the film, Vrij Nederland journalist Harm Ede Botje will lead the discussion with FNV union president Agnes Jongerius, who paid an official visit to Zimbabwe just last summer, Peter Hermes, personal advisor to Tsvangirai, and director Lucy Bailey. The discussion will look at the consequences of Zimbabwe's land reform policy for the farmers and for the Zimbabwean workers, the results of the ‘government of national unity' and the role played by the international community.


Agnes Jongerius

Agnes Jongerius is ranked sixth on the list of the top 200 most influential Dutch people published by De Volkskrant newspaper. That position makes her the highest-ranking woman on that prestigious list. Following in the footsteps of Wim Kok, Hans Pont, Johan Stekelenburg and Lodewijk de Waal, Jongerius was elected the fifth chairperson of the FNV unions in May 2005, making her the ‘grande dame' of the Dutch trade unions. She has been on the board of the trade union federation for eight years now.


In June 2009, an FNV delegation made an official trip to Zimbabwe to visit their colleagues in the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU). The delegation visited various businesses and union branches and met with union representatives. Jongerius blogged about her experiences throughout the trip, click here.


Peter Hermes

As an independent advisor to Tsvangirai, former director of the Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa (NIZA) Peter Hermes follows the developments in Zimbabwe very closely. Peter Hermes is regularly asked to speak about the situation in Zimbabwe on Dutch radio, since he has first-hand experience of the real issues at hand. His perspectives have been extremely valuable.