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Yes Men Fix the World, The
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When & where?

dinsdag 30 maart 2010 - 19:00

The film screening of The Yes Men Fix the World will be followed by a workshop in which the audience talks to leading artists and opinion-makers in a debate headed by moderator Chris Keulemans, addressing the thorny issues surrounding social engagement in art and the socially engaged artist.

Admission is free.

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Also a debate with the Dutch 'enfant terrible' of the filmmakers Cyrus Frisch, programme director of TENT in Rotterdam, Mariëtte Dölle, componist and founder of 'Kunst in de Wereld', Merlijn Twaalfhoven, grafic designer Peter Zuiderwijk. Peter Zuiderwijk designed the campaign for TwoDaysArt festival with the theme 'conflict'.


Suppose you're an artist, theatre producer, graphic designer, photographer or other creative professional who has something to say about politics or society. How do you make it happen? Do you drag your soapbox from the shed and stand in a public place holding a monologue, or are there other ways to go about it?


Including workshops, lectures, a film programme, a heated debate and the presentation of socially engaged work, the Nutshuis looks at activism in art, in cooperation with Movies that Matter, Villanuts, Kunst in de wereld and Nieuwe Garde.