Democrats - Q&A with director Camilla Nielsson

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vrijdag 27 maart 2015 - 19:00
Zaal 5, Filmhuis Den Haag

Q&A with the award-winning Danish director Camilla Nielsson. She studied Anthropology and Media Studies in New York. Since 2000 she works as independent filmmaker. Nielsson directed the trilogy Good Morning Afghanistan (2003), Durga (2004), and The Children of Darfur (2005), as well as Mumbai Disconnected (2009), part of the Cities on Speed series. Since 2007, she has collaborated with the Israeli video artist Yael Bartana on the trilogy And Europe Will Be Stunned (2011) and Re:Constructed Landscapes (2012). For her feature debut Democrats, she followed the two protagonists from MDC and ZANU-PF during the period of three years.

The Q&A will be moderated by Dr. Freek Schiphorst, longtime Zimbabwe watcher and  Associate Professor Labour Relations, Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague.