Mini programme Activism in Palestinian Territory

Does This Movie Matter?
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When & where?

zondag 28 maart 2010 - 19:00

On Sunday, 28 March, three films provide a special short feature on activism in Palestinian territory. Documentary Rachel by Moroccan director Simone Bitton tells the story of Rachel Corrie. This 23-year-old American activist was run over by a bulldozer in 2003 when she tried to prevent the Israeli army from knocking down Palestinian houses in the Gaza Strip. Today's hottest theatre producer Laura van Dolron made the theatrical monologue My Name Is Rachel Corrie, basing it on material from Corrie's diary and emails.


Early this year, she also performed the monologue in front of the Israeli wall. We see clips of that performance in the sneak preview of Van Dolron's documentary debut Does This Movie Matter? (work in progress), in which she heads into the West Bank in search of Westerners, paralleled by a quest to find herself.