Shield and Spear - Q&A with Albie Sachs

Shield And Spear
Voertaal: Engels

When & where?

zondag 22 maart 2015 - 21:00
Zaal 2, Filmhuis Den Haag

Bart Luirink (chief-editor of ZAM Magazine) talks to A Matter of ACT activist Albie Sachs about creative activism in his beloved South-Africa.

South African lawyer and anti-apartheid activist Albie Sachs (80) in 1988 lost an arm and the sight in one eye as a result of a car bomb, planted by the apartheid regime. If the perpetrator would be tried in South Africa and was released for lack of evidence, Sachs would be delighted, he has often explained. Because it would mean that in his country would be a free, democratic country, in which the rule of law prevailed. He calls it his ‘soft vengeance’ on the apartheid system. The documentary The Soft Vengeance: Albie Sachs And The New South Africa about his life that bears this title shows how Sachs made a crucial contribution to this new, democratic South Africa.