Eat & Greet met Maryam al-Khawaja

We Are The Giant
Voertaal: Engels

When & where?

woensdag 25 maart 2015 - 18:00
Studio, Filmhuis Den Haag

Last year's new feature Eat & Greet was a great succes. That's why this year there will be more opportunities to Eat & Greet with international activists. The audience can dine while attending a storytelling session by one of the AMOA human rights activists and has the opportunity to meet he guests in an informal setting. This Eat & Greet will be led by director en presenter Bahram Sadeghi.

Want to be there? Make reservations at the ticket office of Filmhuis Den Haag or by phone thorugh 070 - 3656030. The diner costs are 14,50 euro for a meal and a drink. You can pick up your meal at the restaurant of Filmhuis Den haag.

Maryam al-Khawaja from We are the Giant has been described as ‘the sort of woman dictators have nightmares about’. Now operating from Denmark, this Bahraini activist works hard to raise international awareness about the situation in the country where her father is imprisoned. ‘Especially the US keeps empowering the Bahraini government to continue its human rights violations.’