Eat & Greet met Yassin al-Haj Saleh

Voertaal: Engels

When & where?

vrijdag 27 maart 2015 - 18:00
Studio, Filmhuis Den Haag

Last year's new feature Eat & Greet was a great succes. That's why this year there will be more opportunities to Eat & Greet with international activists. The audience can dine while attending a storytelling session by one of the AMOA human rights activists and has the opportunity to meet he guests in an informal setting. This Eat & Greet will be moderated by director en presenter Bahram Sadeghi.

Want to be there? Make reservations at the ticket office of Filmhuis Den Haag or by phone thorugh 070 - 3656030. The diner costs are 14,50 euro for a meal and a drink. You can pick up your meal at the restaurant of Filmhuis Den haag.

Amid the destruction of the Syrian civil war, writer and dissident Yassin al-Haj Saleh from Our Terrible Country never lost his belief in human dignity. And also as a refugee in Istanbul, he believes that culture and an open debate will be able to defy oppression and sectarianism in his country. ‘I write to create hope.’