Marmato - Talk show Low Labour

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When & where?

maandag 23 maart 2015 - 20:45
Foyer, Theater aan het Spui

 Dutch journalist Myrthe Hilkens discusses modern day slavery and the exploitation of the poor by multinationals in the Low Labour talk show with director Guillaume Suon (The Storm Makers) and expert Gea Wijers (Free University) about  trafficking in Cambodia and with director Khadija Al-Salami (I am Nojoom, age 10 and divorced) and Shirin Musa (Femmes for freedom).

Worldwide, the number of slaves has increased to unprecedented levels. According to the Global Slavery Index, 29.8 million people are currently living as slaves, including victims of human trafficking (e.g. girls that end up in the sex industry), forced marriages and child exploitation. In quantitative terms, slavery is most widespread in India, where 13.9 million slaves live.