Hope - Talk show Refugee Republic

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donderdag 26 maart 2015 - 20:45
Foyer, Theater aan het Spui

How do we deal with undocumented migrants, and how do we work towards a humane European refugee policy? If we could create an ideal world, in what way would we want to organize the migration? Myrthe Hilkens (programmer) asks these questions to Bright Richards (theater and former refugee), Nanda Oudejans and directors Fernand Melgar (The Shelter) and Boris Lojkine (Hope).

With a lecture from Bright Richards.

Together with Submarine Channel, the Movies that Matter Festival presents Refugee Republic, a multimedia project that gives an inside view into the world of relief organisations, plus The Green House from photographer Liny Mutsaers who zooms in on one of these Syrian families on the run.

Both can be seen in the Atrium of The Hague City Hall.

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Richards fled from the war in Liberia. In The Netherlands, he studied Theater at Drama School in Arnhem and participated in various theater companies; theater became a means of processing his experiences and past. Richards: ‘To me, The Netherlands equals freedom. A country where I can develop myself without social or religious control. I thought religion had no significant role in the Dutch society. And that we had no religious problems like in Africa. Because this is a free country. For a while now, I have come to realize that the thoughts I had about “The Netherlands, multireligious society”,  might be an illusion.’ Richards established his own foundation, New Dutch Connections, to be able to release his own theater plays, to offer and explore new perspectives, and to engage in dialogue. 

Boris Lojkine started out teaching philosophy in Paris, before he went to Vietnam and made two documentaries Ceux qui restent [Those That Remain] (2001) and Les Âmes errantes [Errant Souls] (2005). Hope is his debut feature film.