Music that Matters - Samba Touré


When & where?

vrijdag 20 maart 2015 - 19:15
Foyer, Theater aan het Spui

During the opening night of the Movies that Matter Festival 2015 the celebrated Mailinese bluesman Samba Touré will perform. Prior to the film Touré welcomes the audience with a brief musical interlude. After the screening of Timbuktu at 22.00 hrs he opens the festival officially with his unique blues tones.

Samba Touré is the Malian guitarist, vocalist and composer whose distinctive style is widely regarded both at home and abroad as both reflecting and enhancing the enduring legacy of  the legendary Ali Farka Touré.  His carefully crafted compositions demonstrate his own style, through his use of a variety of colours, languages, rhythms and  feelings. Many of the songs represent different ethnicities and regions, as Samba sings for peace and unity in Mali.