War Don Don - Opening Camera Justitia & Debate

War Don Don
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When & where?

vrijdag 26 maart 2010 - 19:00

War Don Don follows the case of Issa Sesay, on trial for war crimes in the Special Court for Sierra Leone. The Sesay case uncovers and tries to make sense of many of the dilemmas that play roles in international jurisprudence. Consider the conviction of an alleged war criminal who many see as a war hero. What is the role of the witnesses? The film takes a close look at the costs and duration of war crimes trials, the ‘dance with the devil’ that decides who has to stand trial and who become the star witnesses. It questions the focus on making a successful conviction over finding the truth, and the extent to which international courts and tribunals can appropriately assess trials wrapped in layers of specific cultural context.

After the film, Nova editor-in-chief Carel Kuyl will be discussing these issues with director Rebecca Richman Cohen, Issa Sesay’s defense attorney Wayne Jordash, and his prosecutor, Christopher Santora.