Tickets MtMF 2018





€ 10,50

Masterclass Schuldig

€ 10,50

Reduced ticket

€  8,50

Reduced ticket CJP

€  8,00

Mulit ticket for 6 films ²

€ 48,00

Best of #MtMF18 (3 films)

€ 25,00

Climate at Stake (3 films on Sunday 25 March)

€ 25,00

Reduced Climate at Stake

€ 22,50


Moviezone Talent Day

€ 12,50

Moviezone Talent Day with CJP

€ 10,00

DECODED | Sex Matters

€ 12,50

DECODED | Sex Matters with CJP

€ 10,00

Moves that Matter Party Saturday 31 March

€ 10,00 or free on display of film ticket

Multi tickets

Multi tickets for 6 films cost € 48 and can be purchased online and at the box office. You can buy a maximum of three multitickets online, offline you van buy more. 
After you buy your multi ticket, you will receive free tickets in your account for which you can select the films of your choice.

Multi ticket I
Multi ticket II
Multi ticket III

Please note: it may take a couple of minutes before your free tickets are available.

Prijs info

*Valid for student card/ pass 65+ / vrienden van Filmhuis Den Haag / Ooievaarspas/ Bibliotheek Den Haag pass / OBA-pass / Bank Giro Loterij pass / Cultuurwerkt-pass / Ooievaarspass. Entrance on display of e-ticket and reduction pass.

Cineville Pass is available for all regular screenings except Best of #MtMF18, DECODED | Sex Matters and the MovieZone Talent Day. You can reserve your Cineville tickets online, on the film pages. You can pick up your tickets 4 hours in advance and at least 30 minutes in advance of the screening.