camera justitia

Camera Justitia focuses on law and justice. Eight films shed light on judicial dilemmas and the challenges of (international) legal systems. The programme is closely connected to the work of the many international institutions that operate in The Hague, city of Peace and Justice.   

Camera Justitia featured film screenings followed by in-depth Q&A’s and discussions with film makers and experts. An international jury selects the winner of the Camera Justitia Award.

The programme was made possible by vfonds.

Camera Justitia sheds light on the many angles of the human rights and justice theme, using films and debates on transitional justice, careful administration of national and international justice and the fight against impunity. Hence, the programme is closely connected to the field in which the International Criminal Court and several tribunals in The Hague operate.   

Camera Justitia featured films screenings followed by in-depth programmes, a master class and a talkshow. An esteemed jury selects the winner of the Camera Justitia Award.

The programme was made possible by vfonds.

Film programme 2017

The Camera Justitia programme 2017 consisted of four documentaries Algo Mio -  Argentina's Stolen Children, No Place for a Rebel, Solitary, and Zero Days, and four fiction films, Apprentice,  Bram Fischer, A Good Wife, en The Verdict

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Camera Justitia Night

On Thursday 30 March the festive Camera Justitia Night took place, hosted by Chairman of the Movies that Matter Foundation and international criminal defense lawyer Bart Stapert. The international jury presented the Camera Justitia Award to the director of the winning film.

After the ceremony, we screened the film The Verdict. This interactive courtroom thriller introduces a dilemma: Can it be justified to shoot down a civilian plane, converted by terrorists into a deadly suicide missile? At the last minute and against the explicit orders of his wing commander, a German air force pilot shoots down the airplane before it crashes into the stadium. Saving the lives of tens of thousands but killing all passengers on board he faces charges for his action in court. After the hearing of the air force pilot, the audience has to vote about the final verdict: Guilty or Not Guilty?

The Flageolettes made sure there were a good musical ambiance during the drinks in the foyer of Theater aan het Spui.

The Jury

This year's Camera Justitia jury consisted of Jozias van Aartsen, (former) Mayor of The Hague, Jennifer Schense, International Cooperation Adviser at the International Criminal Court, Wouter Werner, Professor of Public International Law at the VU Amsterdam, Sophie van Winden, Dutch actress and Ellen Vermeulen, Belgian filmmaker.


On Thursday 30 March Judge Julia Sebutinde delivered the Camera Justitia Masterclass, structured around film fragments from the selection of 2017. Sebutinde currently works at the International Court of Justice and previously served as a Judge at the Special Court for Sierra Leone and the High Court of Uganda. She talked about the dilemmas faced by conflict-thorn societies such as Uganda and discusses the role of law in the global search for peace and justice. The masterclass was moderated by philosopher of law Heikelina Verrijn Stuart, independent academic publicist on international legal matters.

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