Mnikelo Ndabankulu

Mnikelo Ndabankulu lives in the slums of South Africa, and must fight for his home. The government wants the slums evacuated and destroyed. Together with other slum dwellers he stands up against the government. "I never thought that we should fight for something that is promised to us."

Ndabankulu was born in a small village in the Eastern Cape, a poor and rural area. His mother is a housewife, who also takes care of the vegetables and corn on the land. His father works at the Ministry of Agriculture. Activism is not uncommon in his family: in the sixties Ndabankulu’s grandfather Chief Babini fights stands up against the irhafu (tax). It is the up rise of the ‘common people’, which is violently beaten down by the police.

In 1998 Ndabankulu leaves the village he grew up in and moves to Durban, in search for a job. His brother lives there already, in the informal settlements next to Foreman Road. When he sees this area for the first time, he thinks it’s a place where the umlungu (white man) keeps his pigs. But when his brother tells him that this is where people live, he’s in shock of the bad conditions and poverty. Because he doesn’t have the means to live in a better plays, he stays in the slums and helps his brother sell bread and milk in a small store.