Sand and Sorrow

Paul Freedman

United States 2007, 92 min.


Spoken language: English

Subtitles: Dutch

Darfur, Sudan: 2.5 million displaced people fight off
hunger in the refugee camps. Portrait of a people that
slowly succumbs to international impotence and political
For this film, award-winning director Paul Freedman joined
a contingent of African Union peacekeeping forces in Darfur.
He analyzed the historical events that have given rise to
an Arab-dominated government’s intent to kill its African
people. He exposes the international community’s failure to
respond to crimes against humanity. He gives a face and a
voice to the growing international movement, predominantly
of students, to make “Never Again” a reality. Interviewees
include those who represent the world’s conscience, such as
experts John Prendergast and Samantha Power, and New
York Times journalist Nick Kristof. In 2004, it was Kristof who
first brought mainstream attention to the conflict. Pulitzer
Prize winner Power now explains how the “international
debate” was merely a diversion from action. The small civilian
peacekeeping force posted was only permitted to observe,
and not to protect. In this documentary, which aspires to
mobilize shame, actor George Clooney’s narration calibrates
disbelief with a controlled sense of emotional indignation.


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