Summer in the Golden Valley

Srjdan Vuletic

Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, United Kingdom 2003, 104 min.


Spoken language: Serbo-Croatian

Subtitles: Dutch

With its inspired opening and closing sequences, this debut brilliantly shows two young, glue-sniffing kids trapped in a no-win, no future Sarajevo who loaf around doing nothing and dreaming of having sex, like all adolescents. But Fikret's sick father dies and a man appears at the funeral announcing a large, previously unheard of debt. Honour demands it should be paid before father can rest in peace. His seemingly ineffective and Walter Mittyish son is forced into dubious company and very dubious actions to raise the cash. Out of their depth, with a corrupt cop pulling the strings, they plan a scam to kidnap a rich man's daughter, but our anti-hero falls for his captive.
Winner VPRO Tiger Award and MovieZone Award at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2004.



Refresh Productions

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Dutch distribution:

MGI International

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