Tropa De Elite 2

José Padilha

Brazil 2010, 116 min.


Spoken language: Portuguese

Subtitles: Dutch

Festival year: 2012

Brazilian action thriller that shows how captain Nascimento and his special police squad take up arms against drug criminals and corrupt police officers alike in the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

The sequel of Tropa de Elite (2007), directed by José Padilha, is set thirteen years after the first film. Again, Nascimento (Wagner Moura) has to face rising crime rates, violence and corruption in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Together with his elite unit BOPE, he is ready to resort to the use of all means to defeat crime. However, his unorthodox methods are carefully scrutinized by human rights defender Diogo Farga. Nascimento has the virtually impossible task to continue his fight against crime without ruining his reputation. Meanwhile, he has to look after his teenage son. Explosive and entertaining film about the merciless war between drug gangs, the police and the army, which has been ravaging the slums of Rio for years.


Tropa de Elite 2 was a box-office hit in Brazil, and the film has stirred nationwide debate.


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