True North

Steve Hudson

Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom 2006, 96 min.


Spoken language: English

Dutch premiere

Who would, under life-threatening circumstances, smuggle Chinese people into England? True North provides an answer: a pair of ordinary fishermen who risk losing their boat.Four Scottish fishermen, (a father, son, crew-mate and cook) are not able to catch enough fish to keep a hold of their boat. In Oostende, the son is offered money to transport a group of Chinese people over the channel. His crew-mate thinks this is a great idea; they do not mention it to the other two members of the crew. Once out at sea, the cold, a violent storm and excrement ravages the holding wherein the emigrants are kept. One young girl manages to stow herself away in another part of the ship. Ongoing frustrations between crew members persevere throughout. But how personal is 'the load' to them? (AIFF 2007)

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