Adrián Jaime

Argentina 2008, 85 min.


Spoken language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

During the Argentine military dictatorship, Victoria Donda Perez was one of the first children to be born in the ESMA (Escuela de Mecánica de la Armada). Once a school, the EMSA was converted into a secret prison in the late 1970s. Some 30 years later, Victoria discovers that she was taken away shortly after her birth and that her parents disappeared for good. She wants to know about her background, who her parents are and where her lost family is. Thanks to government institutions and acquaintances, she meets her grandmother, aunts, and some of her father's old classmates. Victoria also discovers that the person who was responsible for betraying her parents is Adolfo Donda, a member of her own family. In the words of another family member, he's the most sinister person in the story. Will Victoria confront him with the past? In her mind, "He's really the only person who can tell me where my parents are." Victoria's intimate search is devoid of interviews or conclusions on the part of the filmmaker, the one to ask the questions and draw the conclusions is Victoria herself. In addition to visiting new family members, she attends remembrance ceremonies that offer the viewer extra background information on Argentine history. Furthermore, archive footage of the period before the coup d'état in 1976 provides a picture of the political unrest of decades past. (IDFA 2008)



Victoria Film

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