Welcome to Sarajevo

Michael Winterbottom

United Kingdom 1997, 100 min.


Spoken language: Bosnian, English

Subtitles: English

Being the first Western film shot in Sarajevo since the siege ended, only a few months after the Dayton peace agreement, 'Welcome to Sarajevo' is one of the most relevant films about the tragedy of the Bosnian people. It shows the story of the news-reporters' lives, in besieged Sarajevo. Combining real news footage from the war in Sarajevo (Bosnian television and ITN) with fiction, the misery of the war is portrayed. For the superficial news-watcher, this film comes as a shock. Was it really that bad? "Here was a war in Europe that took up five minutes of the news while one thought 'how terrible' before switching to a sitcom or a pop program", director Winterbottom remarks. The title actually refers to the graffiti 'Welcome to hell', written on a building in Sarajevo in the beginning of the war.



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