You Don't Like the Truth - 4 Days Inside Guantanamo

Luc Coté

Canada 2010, 99 min.


Spoken language: English

In February 2003, the 16-year-old Canadian Afghani Omasr Khadr was interrogated by Canadian intelligence in the prison at Guantánamo Bay. Footage from security cameras over the course of those four days forms the basis of this film. Khadr’s cell mates, family members, lawyer and a former interrogator in Guantánamo comment on the staggering images.


His orange overalls symbolize terrorism, but Omarf Khadr's vulnerable, withdrawn attitude tells a very different story. Khadr had allegedly killed an American soldier, so according to Washington he was a war criminal. We meet Khadr's cellmates, his lawyer, and former Canadian government officials, as well as a psychiatrist and an investigative reporter who sketch the context of Khadr's dubious case. In split-screen, the talking heads alternate with footage of the lonely teenager in the interrogation room. "I'm not gonna trust you if you don't tell me the truth," says Khadr's invisible interrogator. In his lawyer's opinion, "It was obvious that this [questioning] was unlawful." And according to his cellmate in Guantánamo, "If you lie, they want to hear more lies. If you tell the truth, they're not gonna believe you."

In October 2010, Omar Khadr had just plead guilty to all charges, part of a plea bargain that would get him an eight-year sentence instead of life in prison. This makes him the first person to be convicted as a war criminal since the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, and the first child soldier since Nuremburg to be found guilty of war crimes. 

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