No Entry No Exit

Mareille Klein / Julie Kreuzer

Germany 2010, 82 min.


Spoken language: German

Subtitles: English

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2012

After having served his sentence, sex offender Karl D. comes up against his neighbours. Daily demonstrations and mutual baiting seem bound to escalate.

Karl has served a 15-year sentence for the repeated rape and abuse of two teenage girls. He is taken up by his brother Helmut once he gets out of prison. The village community, however, revolts out of fear that Karl will repeat his offence, and the police and the press manoeuvre themselves between the stakeholders. When the situation in the German village threatens to escalate, dissension starts to manifest itself among the demonstrators.
No Entry No Exit is a documentary full of twists for which the filmmakers have succeeded in gaining access to both camps. Without giving any comment, they show the local deadlock and put complex ethical dilemmas to the viewer. Are the rights of the victims, the villagers and those of the perpetrator and his family actually compatible? No Entry No Exit is an intriguing, observational documentary dealing with an extremely sensitive, controversial and topical subject.




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