Et maintenant on va où?

Nadine Labaki

France, Lebanon, Egypt, Italy 2011, 110 min.


Spoken language: Arabic, Russian, English

Subtitles: Dutch

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2012

Bittersweet film about a group of Lebanese women who are fed up with the religious conflict in their small mountain village. In a creative manner, they try to entertain the men in their community in order to prevent the conflict between Muslims and Christians from escalating any further.

In a small, remote village in the mountains of Lebanon, Muslims and Christians live together. Surrounded by landmines, the community is largely cut off from the outside world and the only access road crosses a small bridge. When the women learn that a civil war rocks the country, their goal is to avoid further escalation of the tensions between the two religious groups. With a great deal of determination and creativity they use diversion and they sabotage the information flow to prevent the bad news from filtering through. How far are these women willing to go when the situation threatens to get out of hand all the same? Lovely, light-toned film that contains a sincere message of peace in a refreshing mix of melodrama, comedy and musical. The original music by Khaled Mouzanar brings vibrant energy to the film.




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