The Invisible Men

Yariv Mozer

Israel, Palestine 2012, 67 min.


Spoken language: Arabic, Hebrew, English

Subtitles: Dutch, English

World premiere

Festival year: 2012

World première of an Israeli-Dutch co-production about gays on the run. They are not free to be themselves at home with their friends and family in the Palestinian territories. As Palestinians, Israel is not open to them. Consequently, Louie and his friends live an invisible, illegal life in Tel Aviv.


Louie, a Palestinian gay man, has been living in Tel Aviv illegally for eight years. While there, he meets 24-year-old Abdu who was tortured by the Palestinian security forces because of his sexual orientation. Another young man, Fares, also opts for an uncertain future in the Israeli city rather than face the threats in his homeland. These men live in hiding in Tel Aviv, where their lives are anything but easy. Under constant threat of getting caught, they live double lives. With no passport, fixed address, bank account, friends or loved ones, Tel Aviv has become their prison. Worse yet, the Israeli government strictly prohibits offering any assistance to Palestinian illegal immigrants. The men seem to be abandoned with no way out.


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