Ahmad Abdalla

Egypt 2010, 116 min.


Spoken language: Arabic

Subtitles: English

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2012

Egyptian feature film about creative young people in Alexandria’s underground scene. After spending time abroad, Khaled discovers a vibrant underground movement of hiphop artists, rock musicians, skateboarders, graffiti artists and filmmakers.


After spending years in the USA, Khaled returns to his home town of Alexandria and discovers that a great deal has changed since he left. The former love of his life, Hadeer, is about to leave the country. The relationship with his aged father has also been fractured beyond repair. Lost and forlorn, he wanders the streets of the Egyptian city, soon discovering a whole new world in the underground art scene. Fascinated by the creative birds of paradise, Khaled decides to invest all his limited resources in supporting the art movement. By getting involved, he hopes to facilitate change in Europe, a change that he envisions as coming not from the capital city of Cairo, but from the lively and artistic underground scene in Alexandria.


Official website: http://www.microphone-film.com


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