Rouge Parole

Elyes Baccar

Tunisia 2011, 94 min.


Spoken language: Arabic

Subtitles: English

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2013

In Tunisia, where the Arab Spring started back in 2010, tyranny and oppression have been replaced by democracy and freedom of opinion. Rouge Parole is a poetic documentary about the ‘explosion of words’ which results from this regained freedom.


Passers-by gaze at the multitude of books that had long been banned, on display in the shop-window of a bookstore. Small groups of people in the street are engaged in heated discussions. Journalists can finally practise their profession, yet they are still searching to find the right words. In the wake of the Jasmine Revolution, Tunisia slowly but surely gets an idea of what freedom of opinion and democracy really mean. The war is not won yet, though: the new leaders’ actions are carefully scrutinised, and oppressed civilians in neighbouring countries Libya and Syria are still struggling for freedom, with the support of the Tunisian revolutionaries. At the same time, the latter are engaged in the reconstruction of Tunisia.



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