Carin Goeijers

Netherlands, The 2013, 85 min.


Spoken language: Turkish, Dutch

Subtitles: Dutch

World premiere

Festival year: 2013

Bahar is murdered after nine years of marriage. Her family is convinced that her ex-husband is the one who killed Bahar.  Her sorrow-ridden parents try to reconstruct what went through her mind as they go through diary notes, letters and conversations with friends.

Bahar soon realizes the mistake she has made when marrying her Turkish neighbour against her father’s will. Torn between the love for her husband and the affection for her father, she decides to bear the consequences of her mistake in silence. A decision that will prove fatal. The Turkish parents are deeply shocked when their only daughter Bahar (Spring) is brutally murdered, with their two granddaughters as witnesses. Bahar’s parents, sisters-in-law and brothers are left with numerous questions and the pain of having been unable to save her. Going through Bahar’s diary notes and letters, her family tries to reconstruct how this could happen. After her funeral in Turkey, they find this heartfelt cry in her diary: ‘I have committed only one sin: I have loved’


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