Karzan Kader

Sweden, Finland, Iraq 2012, 92 min.


Spoken language: Kurdish

Subtitles: Dutch

Moving and humorous road movie. Homeless orphan brothers Dana and Zana travel across dusty Iraq on their donkey called ‘Michael Jackson’, heading for the United States to move in with their hero Superman.


Early nineties. Saddam Hussein’s regime is oppressing the Kurdish population in Iraq. Dana and Zana are two poor homeless brothers who try to make a living cleaning shoes. They lost their parents during the first Gulf War. After watching the Hollywood film Superman in a local cinema, they decide to leave for America to find their hero. They buy a donkey, which they baptise ‘Michael Jackson’, and set off. Without money or papers, the boys are left to their good fortunes and the tender mercy of others. Their journey is long and full of dangers, though. Heart-warming movie about the courage, strength and unbridled optimism of two children in a country torn apart by violence and oppression.

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