Broken Silence

Bob Entrop / Orhan Galjus

Netherlands, The, Poland, Germany, Kosovo 2012, 84 min.


Spoken language: English, Polish, Romanian, Albanian, German

Subtitles: English

World premiere

Festival year: 2013

Roma radio reporter Orhan Galjus tries to find out what happened to the Sinti and Roma during the Second World War. He draws hope and inspiration from the remembrance speech that Zoni Weisz, a Dutch Sinto, gave to the German Bundestag, yet is afraid that history is repeating itself.


Sinti and Roma are increasingly discriminated, and even prosecuted, throughout Europe. How do the 12 million Sinti and Roma living in Europe cope with this? What do they know about their own history? These are the type of questions that reporter Orhan Galjus tries to answer on his radio programme. He travels to his native country Kosovo, and to Germany and Poland, where he speaks to survivors, eyewitnesses and others. In Poland, he participates in commemorative events for massacres committed against Sinti and Roma, and visits the extermination camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau. Here, he is confronted with the fundamental differences between his people and 'Gadje', the 'others', and calls for positive and peaceful change.



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