Exit (2013)

Boris Pavel Conen

Netherlands, The 2013, 90 min.


Spoken language: Dutch, French

World premiere

Festival year: 2013

Dutch feature film about the hard, cold reality of Dutch deportation policy. A night-time confrontation between five asylum seekers whose application has been rejected and law enforcement officials at Rotterdam airport degenerates into a pitched battle. Based on a true story. 


As a child, Amadou flees his native country Guinee to escape from the rebels. He ends up in the Netherlands and spends several years in a centre for asylum seekers, waiting for a decision on his asylum application to be taken. Meanwhile, he learns the language, goes to school and nearly graduates. Before he can actually graduate, however, the authorities decide to send Amadou back to Guinee. Together with four fellow-countrymen he is taken to the airport in a small van. The five foreigners whose asylum application has been rejected decide to put up a resistance against their expulsion. In view of the interests at stake, the authorities go to great lengths to deport the five men. This incident, based on true facts, leads to a night full of violence and intrigue that only produces losers.

Exit is a new ‘telefilm’ directed by Boris Paval Conen (Vuurzee, First Mission) and inspired by his brother and protagonist Romijn Paval Conen. Telefilms are Dutch movies about social topics, specifically made for public service broadcasting. Exit will be broadcast on Dutch television (Nederland 2) on 23 March.





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