Fair Sex

Martin Laroche

Canada 2012, 89 min.


Spoken language: French

Subtitles: English

Festival year: 2013

Would-be filmmaker Sophie left Africa for Canada as a child. After graduating, she films the daily doings as part of a summer job at a fair. When pointing the camera at herself, she reveals painful secrets from the past.


Sophie emigrated from Africa to Canada when she was a child. Twenty years later, she has graduated from the film academy and takes on her first job. During a summer job for a travelling fair, the manager asks her to make a promotional film. Her camera registers everything, even things that bear no relation to the fair, like candid conversations with friends and colleagues. She herself also steps in front of the camera to reveal a painful secret from her childhood. The promotional film for the fair quickly turns into a public video journal that turns out to be an important step for Sophie to come to terms with the traumatic experience that she had as a four-year-old in Africa.


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