En daarom werk ik, 14 jaar later: Raihan

Maarten Schmidt / Thomas Doebele

Bangladesh 2012, 11 min.


Spoken language: Bangla

Raihan (20 years old) was the cheerful boy who scared his classmates with a frog 14 years ago. Every morning he travels by bus one hour and a half from the slums to his work. He has a slick appearance: gelled hair, super low Gucci hiphuggers and a mobile phone in his back pocket. He works in a trendy clothes store in Dhaka. 'Rich people live in this neighborhood. My colleagues know that I am poor. But they don't know exactly where I live or what my house looks like.' Raihan's parents are looking for a suitable bride. They are not asking for a dowry. His mother says: 'We don't want to negotiate with poor people. We are poor, too. If Raihan likes her and we don't, the marriage won't go through.'



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