Night of Silence

Reis Celik

Turkey 2012, 91 min.


Spoken language: Turkish

Subtitles: English

Festival year: 2014

A very young, beautiful Turkish bride is waiting for her freshly wed groom, who is old enough to be her grandfather. While the teenager fears the upcoming wedding night, it turns out that the old, broken man did not deliberately choose this situation either. Poetic Kammerspiel with subtle acting performances about the traditions surrounding an arranged marriage.


In a remote part of Turkey a traditional wedding takes place. A teenage bride is clad with golden bracelets before being brought to her new home. There, her mother says goodbye and insists on her being a good wife to her husband, even if he is violent. The bride fears the upcoming wedding night, yet when she actually meets her future husband, it turns out that he, too, had little or no choice. The two are bound to each other in order to put an end to a vendetta between both families. The girl puts all her efforts into escaping the obligations of the wedding night. At the break of day the family members arrive to check if everything went according to plan. Will they find the bridal bed slept on?


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